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Every now and then an idea comes along that seems so blindingly obvious that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself.  These days we are all so much more conscious of the environment, and changes are being made, maybe not quickly enough, but this blog is about one that is so simple, convenient, and stylish, that we can all adopt it within a matter of days. Read on to find out more about eco-friendly SNOAP.

Meet Lisa

This is my friend, Lisa, she is the one that had the idea. What sets Lisa apart is that she followed her idea up with solid research, created a design, and pushed through to the manufacturing stage to bring her idea to market so that we could all take one more step toward protecting the planet.

The background

During the first lockdown, Lisa was surprised to see how much plastic waste her family managed to generate.  This set her thinking and she made many eco-friendly swaps around the household to improve the situation.  One of those swaps was exchanging liquid hand wash for solid.  Initially, this was a great success, supported by the entire family.  But then, the youngest found throwing the soap around to be fabulous fun, everyone got fed up with soggy soap and the mess on the soap holder and 2 siblings refused to share the same bar.  Lisa was disheartened but didn’t want to revert to liquid soap.

Why not liquid soap? FACTS

Annually in the UK, we discard:

686 million hand wash bottles

617 million shower gel bottles

520 million shampoo bottles

Just from our homes, we dispose of 1.8 billion bottles a year from hand wash, body wash and shampoo.  This doesn’t take into account industry, schools, hospitals, businesses, etc.

How do manufacturers profit from liquid soap?

Hand and Body Wash are called “wash” as they can’t be categorised as soap.  They are in fact detergents.  These detergents dry out our skin because the manufacturers strip the moisturising elements out of them because they reduce the amount of lather produced.  Now here’s the clever bit, the manufacturers can now sell you that bit they stripped out as body lotion and moisturiser, which our poor, dry, detergent-afflicted skin now needs.  Hey presto!  They get to sell you two products instead of one!  Great for manufacturers, but not for the planet. Twice as many plastic bottles are required and ultimately dumped into landfill.

Eco-Friendly SNOAP

Close up of the eco-friendly SNOAP soap dispenserSo solid soap is the eco winner, but how to resolve the practical and sometimes messy issues around its use?  This is where Lisa took her idea and ran with it.  Please see Lisa’s brilliant, no-mess, eco-friendly, sustainable, and frankly very stylish solid soap dispenser!  All the convenience of liquid hand wash but with super green credentials.

SNOAP Facts and figures

The eco-friendly SNOAP soap dispenser holds 2 bars of solid soap which equates to 2,000 hand washes.  This is the equivalent of 20 plastic bottles!  Solid soap production uses 19 times less water than liquid hand wash.  The wastewater from SNOAP use is safe for both flora and fauna.

Find out more…

To explore the full range of products visit www.snoap.com, where you will find details of the soaps themselves and the range of dispensers.  If you have any questions Lisa is a mine of information and happy to help educate us all.Snoap products, full size and travel versions

Finally, why is it called SNOAP?

The soap dispenser works by finely grating the solid soap bars into your hand, you then lather with water as you usually would.  The grated soap resembles snow and when snow and soap are combined we get a fabulous, eco-friendly product called SNOAP.

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